SmallHD User Guide

Camera Control Settings

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Configure Camera Control for a wired or wireless configuration.

  • Auto Reconnect - Restarts Camera Control after the monitor loses power or communication with the camera.
  • Surround View - When enabled, Surround View displays camera-specific overlays on the live video.
  • Wired Control - Use a Camera Control Cable to connect a SmallHD Smart monitor to a compatible camera to enable Camera Control on the monitor. It’s important to know which Camera Control Cable is compatible with your monitor and camera.
  • Enable Wireless Control - This toggle enables Camera Control via a compatible wireless RX monitor. Only one of the monitors needs a Camera Control license, but a Smart monitor must be connected to the camera.
  • Passthru Wireless Control - This option disables Camera Control on the TX monitor while allowing RX monitors to connect and control cameras through the TX monitor’s physical interface.
  • Require PIN - When this toggle is ON, RX monitors must enter the monitor's PIN before connecting to Camera Control.
  • PIN - Custom numerical security code that can be set on monitors connected to cameras via wired control.
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