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Manage and control accessories connected to the monitor.


Use this section to pair up to three bluetooth remotes to your monitor for bump-free menu access.

The remote is a great option for steadicam, gimbal, crane/jib or even sensitive tripod work because it allows you to access the entire monitor without physically coming in contact with it.

[Remote Slots]

Pairing the remote:
To connect the remote, go to the menus under remote and be sure its enabled.  Hold the blue joystick down for about 5 seconds, you should see the Remote link under the status column. Select it on the monitor and it will “bind”.  Once this is tied (Active), it will work as a normal joystick would.  It will blink blue light slowly when paired.  It will blink fast blue when not paired.

If a bluetooth remote is found within range (make sure to remove the battery cover on the remote) it will display as 'Found' - select this to pair your remote which will change the readout to 'Active'.  After that you should be all set!


*Remotes will remain paired to a specific monitor and will need to be Unpaired if you want to use it with a different monitor.
*BT-1 remotes update with firmware when they first pair, it is recommended if you have not used the remote recently, to allow 3-4 minutes for the remote to update upon first pairing.
*If the remote is blinking red and blue quickly, you will need to replace the batteries.  It takes 2x CR1620 watch style batteries.
*More BT-1 Remote Tips here.

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