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Touchscreen Gestures

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There are several gestures that allow you to control your monitor if it has a touch screen.

Pinch In: Zoom In

This is the same as most mobile devices.

Fingers together then spread apart zooms in.
Fingers apart then together zooms out.

(When Using Pixel Zoom) Two-Finger Drag: Adjust What You Are Seeing

When using the Pixel Zoom tool you can also drag the image around in addition to zooming in and out. When zoomed in, leave two fingers on the screen and move them around in the direction you wish to move the viewing area.

Pinch Out: Zoom Out

This is the opposite of most cell phones. By placing two fingers together and then separating them, the image will zoom out. This will only work if there is signal.

Swipe Left or Right: Page Change

This is done with a single finger anywhere on the screen left or right (horizontally). You will need to move at least an inch in the direction you want to switch pages. When in Pages View you can still swipe between pages.

Swipe Down: Pages View

This is done with a single finger anywhere on the page swiping down about a half inch or so. In pages mode you can see all your pages; they appear in a smaller view. You will also get metadata at the top of the screen, like the video signal you are receiving and the time and battery life. This will be present even if you have the Status bar hidden, so it is a way to check that data if you do not want to see it on a page.

Hold (3 Seconds): UI Lock/Unlock

There is a UI lock that is activated in the Menus>Interface>UI Lock. This must be checked to function. Once checked, hold a single finger on the screen for 3 seconds. You will see a status bar near the top center as it locks. Once locked, it will say “Locked”. To unlock, you will need to repeat the 3 second hold with a single finger. There will be no progress bar, but after 3 seconds you will see a message at the top of the screen “Unlocked”.

Two-Finger Swipe: Jump to Settings Menu from a Page or from Settings Menu back to the Last Page

Using two-finger swiping from the Left to Right you will jump directly to the Settings menu page. Using a two-finger swiping motion while in the Settings menu from Right to Left will take you back to the page you were on. This gesture is helpful if you are several pages in and want to access the Settings menu quickly. Another way would be to go to pages view and select the Settings page. Using the two-finger swipe off the menus will take you back to the last page you were on.

Tap: Open Toolbar

A single tap on a page screen will bring up the toolbar on the left. The toolbar will disappear on its own if there is no interaction after 5 seconds. Here you can add your tools, enable or disable tools, or adjust their settings. For more information please see the tools section of the guide.

(While the Toolbar is Open) Swipe Right: Opens Selected Tool's Configuration Menu

Select a tool by touching it on the toolbar. A tool will remain selected even after the toolbar hides itself. Swiping with a single finger left to right will open the menu for that selected tool. After you finish adjusting the settings you can return to the page by either taping the screen or swiping right to left.

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