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Multi-View Page Setup

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All 4K Production Monitors can display up to four different video feeds (Views) via the Multi-View Page. This includes any combination of available inputs (4x 12G SDI, 1x HDMI). Additionally, the same Input can be used up to four times.

Add New Multi-View Page

1. Press the Settings Button (H) on the front panel of the monitor.
2. Using the Menu Joystick, navigate and select Multi under UTILITIES.

Assigning Inputs to Multi-View

1. Using the Menu Joystick, navigate to and select the Multi-View Page (MULTI). 

2. Select the desired VIEW (1 to 4), select an INPUT, then choose one of the five input options. 

Adding Tools to Multi-View

Monitor Tools can be enabled on every view on the Multi-View Page.

1. From the Multi-View page, press the Menu Joystick to display the VIEWS and ARRANGE menus, then press it again to select the desired View (1 to 4).

2. Press the Menu Joystick to select TOOLS, then press down to select + ADD TOOL.

3. Select a tool from the list of available Tools.  

Changing the Multi-View Layout

The Multi-View Page Views can be arranged using four different configurations.

1. Using the Menu Joystick, navigate to and select the Multi-View Page (MULTI), then scroll down to ARRANGE.
2. Select the desired arrangement (a preview of each arrangement will populate in real time).

Custom Color Pipe Settings

Different cameras/sources on the Multi-View Page may require different Color Pipe settings. Having different Color Pipe settings on the various views of the Multi-View Page allows filmmakers to compare things like LOG vs LUT and SDR vs HDR. 

1. To adjust the Color Pipe setting per source, Joystick Press on the Multi-View Page, then select the desired View.
2. Select COLOR PIPE, then choose a Color Pipe setting. NOTE: Color Pipe presets can be adjusted via Monitor Settings > feed > Color Pipe

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