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Install Camera Control license keys from SmallHD to unlock additional features. Before you proceed, you must first purchase and install a Camera Control license for your camera from

1. Go to

2. Enter the Activation Code you received with the purchase of your SmallHD Camera Control software in the Activate Camera Control section, then click Go (see below).

3. From the Settings menu on your SmallHD monitor, navigate to SYSTEM > LICENSES > ADD A LICENSE. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see your Monitor Token (see image).

4. Return to the activation website and enter your Monitor Token. You will be prompted to make sure the token is entered correctly. Click Yes to continue.
5. Enter your monitor’s Serial Number in the field that appears and click Submit. Your monitor’s serial is located alongside a barcode on the input/output port area or on the battery plate.
6. Enter your name and the email where you want to receive your License Key. Click Send to receive your License Key.
7. On the ADD A LICENSE page on your SmallHD monitor, enter your License Key and tap Activate (see image).

8. Once activated, Camera Control licenses will be listed in the Licenses page.

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