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Size & Position

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Resize and position your image to accommodate other features you may wish to simultaneously view, such as scopes or audio meters.
This will be helpful for users that want to keep multiple tools on the same screen, rather than using pages.

Size & Position - Settings


Enables/disables the Size & Position tool. You can also do this on the tool bar. Select the tool and activate or deactivate it as desired. Green tools are active, they are Grey when inactive.


Adjusts the size of the image proportionally within a page compressing toward the center of the selected location.


After scaling the image, use this to position it where desired.  There are 9 positions:
TOP - Left, Center, Right
MIDDLE - Left, Center, Right
BOTTOM - Left, Center, Right

Size & Position - Quick Start

In this section we will use Size & Position to help arrange the image so that a full-width Waveform will not overlap the footage, enabling a clean view of the picture and the scope on the same page.

I have already added a Waveform to an empty page and adjusted its height from 50 down to 25 to make a bit more room for the image, but it is still covering a portion of the picture which we can address with Scale & Position.

Click the joystick or tap the screen to bring up ‘Add New Tool’.

Navigate to Scale > Size & Position & select the '+' to add it to the current page.

Once added you can edit the settings by navigating right when ‘Size & Position’ is highlighted.

Navigate to SIZE and adjust it from 100 to 75- you will notice the image scaling from its' center point.

Because the Waveform is scaled to 25% height, the image fits perfectly when scaled to 75%.

Now move the image to the top of the frame by selecting LOCATION and pressing up on the joystick or tapping the top portion of the image.  This leaves us with an unobstructed view of the Waveform.

Press Back or tap the left arrow at the top right hand corner to exit.

Next we edit the Waveform and scale its WIDTH to 75 to match the width of the image.

We now have an unobstructed view of our image and its corresponding Waveform!

At this stage you can use the LOCATION adjustment to add & arrange more tools such as a Vectorscope and Histogram if you wish.

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