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Settings related to capturing and viewing images on the monitor.

Image Capture Settings

These options will help determine what happens when you use the built in Image Capture function.
*This is a tool for some monitors.

Capture LUTs (Look files)

When capturing an image, this option will apply any user Look files (3D LUTs) to the saved image, great for reviewing color-graded stills of a shoot day.

Timestamp in Filename

To get a precise measure of when a screen capture is taken for easier file sorting/searching, enable this option.

Capture on Record Start

This will automatically capture an image as soon as the monitor detects the camera is recording- useful for a quick overview of a shoot day.

This feature is currently available for SDI signals only

Reset Capture Number

Resets the naming of captured images starting with 0001, useful when beginning a shoot for easy grouping of captured files.

Capture Location

Choose where to save your image captures- save to an SD card for quickly dropping files onto a computer or save to the monitor’s internal memory.
*You can set the folder structure on your computer which will be accessible when using the SD card.
*SD card needs to be 2,4,8 or 16 GB

Reset Capture Location

Sets the Image Capture location back to the monitor’s internal memory.

View and access files taken with Image Capture

Opens the image browser where you can view and manage files taken via Image Capture.
*This may slow down the UI the more data there is on the card. We recommend keeping the data clean to hep with lag in the UI.

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