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Define which signal you wish to view and where to output; set up color properties to monitor your footage in its intended color space, for example DCI-P3 for previewing your footage the way it may appear in cinema projection.

Actual Input/Output settings dependent on monitor model.

Input Settings

Use this section to choose your input and adjust related settings.


View the signal plugged into ‘HDMI IN’.


View the HD-SDI signal plugged into ‘SDI IN 1’ (or ‘SDI IN’ depending on monitor model).


View the HD-SDI source plugged into ‘SDI IN 2’.

Dual HD-SDI inputs available on SmallHD's Production monitors (13" and up).
SDI 2 is a pass though, only SDI 1 OUT is assignable.

The following options become available when the monitor has been calibrated (see Calibration section for details).  This allows you to safely define a color space, white point and Log correction that are within the bounds of your calibration.

Wireless Settings

Manage settings related to wireless protocols (*Option only available on Teradek TX or RX Integrated monitors).

Airplane Mode

If shooting video on an airplane, check this box to disable Wireless if required. This can help save power/ extend your battery life.

Color Space

Here is where you want to select the exact color space your camera is outputting to display properly on the monitor.

White Point

Here is where you want to select the white point your camera is outputting to see it reflected on the monitor.

Log Correction

If your camera is outputting a log-based gamma, here is where you select your intended output color space/gamma.

Output Settings

Choose how signals flow once you plug in your camera.


This option will send HDMI 'downstream' via the 'HDMI OUT' port on the monitor.

Any tools you have applied to the Output Page (such as a Look/3D LUT) will display on any monitor connected via HDMI OUT


This option will send HD-SDI 'downstream' via the 'HDMI OUT' port on the monitor.

Any tools you have applied to the Output Page (such as a Look/3D LUT) will display on any monitor connected via HD-SDI OUT

Output Page Settings

The Output Page enables lets you apply tools to a downstream output just like with any other page, enabling any monitor or TV to display, for example, a properly graded image on set, especially useful for client monitoring.

Always Show

If you wish to apply tools to the output of your monitor before an output is physically connected (for example to set it up before shooting), check this option.

Show if Output Enabled

This will enable the output page only if you are outputting a signal.  This option is useful when you wish to keep your interface free of clutter when no signal is being output but still allows you the ability to configure it when it is.

Never Show

If you know you will not need to add and configure tools to apply to an output feed, check this option to keep the output page hidden even when an output signal is being sent downstream.

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