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Sony® Venice™ Camera Control

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Sony Venice camera control is available as a license on monitors that support Camera Control and have an Ethernet port. The monitor communicates with the camera over an Ethernet cable. The license and cable are available bundled directly from SmallHD or authorized resellers.

Activating Your License

Your license kit comes with a card that has your activation code as a special link in a QR code. Scan this link with your smartphone or enter it on a computer to go to the activation webpage. You can also buy the license separately off the website and this code will be emailed to you.

On your monitor, go to Settings and scroll down to System > Licenses. Tap the button to add a new license.

Your monitor will display a token. Enter this token on the activation webpage. The webpage will then display your activation key and all you need to do is to enter this on the monitor. Once entered your monitor will add a Camera Control page where you can control your camera.

Connecting Your Camera

Tap on Sony Venice control from the Camera Control page
Enter your camera's IP address and username/password. On your camera, long press Menu. Go to Technical > Network > Settings > LAN to enable the LAN connection on your camera. Locate the camera's IP address under Technical > Network > LAN. Locate your username and password on the camera under Technical > Authentication. Once the settings are in, click the blue Connect button to connect to the camera.

Connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the monitor and on the camera. You can also connect to an Ethernet router as long as both the camera and monitor are visible on the same network.

On your monitor, go to the Camera Control page and tap on the Sony Venice control to connect to your camera. This will bring you to another screen where you will enter the camera's IP address along with a username and password. This information can be found on the camera. Long press the MENU button on the camera. Make sure LAN control is enabled by going to Technical > Network > Setting > LAN. Locate the IP address under Technical > Network > LAN. Enter this IP address on your monitor. Locate the username and password on the camera under Technical > Authentication. Enter these on your monitor. Once you have all the necessary information entered press the blue Connect button to connect to your camera.

The IP address will need to be entered with leading zeros where applicable. Each section ("octet") of the IP address will need to be 3 digits long. E.g. instead of

Troubleshooting Tips

Be sure you are entering the camera's IP address on the Camera Control page. There is a location in Settings where you can enter an IP address. However, that is the monitor's IP address. If you enter the camera's IP address in the monitor's settings you could end up with two devices on the network with the same IP address and have an IP address conflict.

If you suspect there might be a problem with the monitor's Ethernet port this can be tested by running a ping test. If you're familiar with networking technology, connect the monitor via Ethernet to a router and from a computer's command line ping the monitor's IP address. You can locate the IP address under the monitor's Settings.

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