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Working with Pages

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Pages allows you to have several different views set up using tools on multiple screens that can be customized to the users needs.  This will allow you to quickly swipe/ joystick between screens with applied tools.  i.e. This can be helpful when needing to use False color or Scopes to check exposure and then want to return to see the final LUT look applied while shooting with your audio tool.

Pages can be Added, Moved (in order, Left or Right), Deleted or Named. To enter Pages Mode, swipe/joystick down.

From here, to add a new Page, click the PLUS sign.  You can create a maximum of 8 Custom Pages in SmallHD OS3, not including the Settings Page, Output Page, Control Page or Multi-View Page (if available on your monitor).

NEW IN OS4 - After creating and customizing a page, you can save it as a page template which can quickly be added back at any time.

You can also RENAME, MOVE, or DELETE a page by selecting  the box with downward carrot or arrow.

Troubleshooting Tips

In Pages view, you can see what signal the monitor thinks it is receiving from the selected input in the upper left corner. You can also see the time and power data, even if you have the status bar hidden when working on a page.

Tools can be applied to all pages or by page individually. (OS 3.4+)

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