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User interface quick-start (touchscreen)

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GESTURES - Introduction

There are many touchscreen gestures that are outlined here. Below are some basics to get you up and running.

To Navigate, simple use one finger to move (swipe):

Left or Right - to change Pages
Down - Enter Pages mode
UP - Exit Pages mode

Tap to Select and open the TOOL bar on a page.

Pinch-to-zoom (fingers stat apart and pinch together) activates the 'Pixel Zoom' function, giving you a clear view of your signal for critical focusing & catching tiny details. The PIXEL ZOOM function that allows for a digital zoom on your image.  This is helpful for a detailed view of your image for critical focusing & catching tiny details.


The entire monitor is based on the concept of customizable Pages - instead of having to enable and disable features individually when needing to change a setup, create pages with a task in mind, for example setting exposure, and quickly swipe between each page on-set for a highly efficient workflow.

For a zoomed-out overview of your pages, swipe down on the monitor. Create a new page by swiping over to the far right and tapping on '+ New Page'.  More info on Pages can be found here

The SETTINGS, page contains all the monitors attributes, Preferences which controls settings that affect the entire monitor is always located to the far left.

The OUTPUT page allows for you to see/select what signal you are sending downstream (on applicable models).

The CONTROL page allows for camera control (on applicable monitors, with appropriate license- sold separately).

The MULTI-VIEW page allows for Side-by-side viewing of two inputs (on applicable models).

Using Tools

Tap the screen to bring up the 'add new tool' menu.
Tools can apply to a single page or all pages.
You can have up to 8 tools in use on a page at the same time (this includes the Global tools).

To Delete a tool, select it, and touch the trashcan icon on the bottom.  It will ask you to confirm you want to delete it and selecting it again will remove the tool from your toolbar.

Tools offer a variety of... well... tools, to help you in your filmmaking process and workflows.  This should not be associated with the PA who is just there because his Uncle is a producer... These are helpful tools. :)

These Tools are broken down into subsections:







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