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Select and fine-tune the brightness level of the LED backlight.

Individual options depend on monitor model.

  • Standard Range - This option enables backlight adjustment up to its maximum limit within the specified color space.
  • Studio Brightness - If you are in a studio or other low-light environment, use this option to limit the backlight to 100 nits which enables a fine-tune adjustment within that range. NOTE: Some monitors will default to Studio Brightness if the power source (voltage) is low to help save energy. Change power sources to allow for Full Backlight capabilities.
  • Max Brightness - Provides the maximum brightness level possible. NOTE: Max Brightness will disable the monitor's calibration to achieve maximum brightness. Do not rely on Maximum Brightness when performing color calibration.
  • Backlight -  Adjusts the actual output of the backlight or in the case of OLED adjusts the maximum pixel brightness. NOTE: OLED panels do not dim the same as an LCD. Be aware that changing the brightness of an OLED will affect its performance.
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