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503 UltraBright Quick Start Guide

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Physical Properties

A: Thumbstick

I: 8-Pin Power Connector

B: Power/Back button
F: Bi-Directional SDI In/Out
J: SD Card Slot
C: Assignable Function Button
G: 1/8 in. Headpone Jack
K: HDMI In/Out
D: Optically Bonded Gorilla Glass
H: 12v 2-pin Lemo

Monitor Startup

Connect power to the 503 Bright monitor using an L-Series style battery, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the startup process. 

Activate Your Monitor

After completing thumbstick training, your 12-digit ID will appear. 

Follow the instructions to complete online registration and activate your warranty at

PageOS 4 Overview

The PageOS 4 interface allows users to configure and assign specific image analyzing tools and/ or features to up to eight customizable pages. Users can access those tools by navigating to the corresponding page on the monitor, instead of enabling or disabling features individually. 

General Layout

The Dashboard provides access to the most commonly-used settings such as Input, Volume and Backlight. The Dashboard can be disabled via Full Settings > Dashboard.

Pages View
The ‘Pages View’ offers a zoomed-out perspective of all configured pages, allowing organization and naming to ensure the most efficient overall setup. 

  • Press BACK BUTTON or thumbstick DOWN to access Pages View. 
  • Navigate thumbstick LEFT and RIGHT to cycle through Pages. 
  • Navigate thumbstick UP or PRESS thumbstick IN to select desired Page. 

Adding New Pages
To create a new page from either a fresh workspace, a template, or a specific utility, navigate to the right-hand side of the Pages View. 

  • Press BACK BUTTON or thumbstick DOWN to access Pages View. 
  • Navigate thumbstick RIGHT until New Page appears. 
  • Press thumbstick IN to create New Page. 

Adding A New Tool

  • Press thumbstick IN to bring up the Tool Bar. 
  • Select “Add New Tool” and navigate to the desired tool. 
  • Navigate thumbstick RIGHT to customize a highlighted tool. 
  • Press thumbstick IN to activate/deactivate a tool. 
  • Press the BACK BUTTON to go back or remove Tool Bar. 

Monitor Settings
Adjust a wide range of global monitor settings.

  • Navigate thumbstick LEFT until monitor settings appear. 
  • Press thumbstick UP and DOWN to navigate. 
  • Press thumbstick IN to select. 
  • Press BACK BUTTON to go to previous Page. 

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