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Anamorphic video is a technique where an image is squeezed horizontally during the recording process. On film sets this is done to make better use of the film or sensor's vertical space using specialty lenses. It is also often seen when footage originated in HD needs to pass through SD equipment. In all cases an anamorphic de-squeeze can restore footage to its native aspect ratio, although lost resolution is not recovered. Lost horizontal resolution is generally not perceptible to human eyes; lost vertical resolution (such as from HD footage being sent through SD equipment) may be noticeable.

Anamorphic - Settings


Enables/Disables Anamorphic de-squeeze

Input Video

The monitor will automatically attempt to determine the correct aspect ratio for the video from its resolution and any flags in the video stream. In some cases those flags are incorrect and this tool can be used to fix the video.

Select the aspect ratio of the video input (4:3 or 16:9), regardless of what the monitor identifies the input video as being. (This will squeeze a 16:9 image into a 4:3 frame for example if 4:3 is selected and you are sending it a 16:9 image).

If you need to correct video that has been incorrectly identified as 16:9 or 4:3, this may be the only setting you need to adjust.


Choose the amount to de-squeeze your input by. Choices are , 1.33× (this will stretch a 4×3 video back to 16×9), 1.5×, 1.66x, 1.79x, , or Custom.

Selecting Custom from the Desqueeze setting will add this additional setting. It brings up a slider allowing you to adjust your anamorphic de-squeeze by a custom value between 1.00× to 3.00×. Please note that this is an adjustment factor based off your video input, not the aspect ratio you are working in.

Anamorphic - Quick Start

Anamorphic was added as a tool in firmware version 3.5.0. Previous firmware versions had a limited Anamorphic de-squeeze function in the monitor Settings under Controls.

From any page, click the joystick or tap the screen to bring up Add New Tool.

Navigate to Scale > Anamorphic and choose Add to This Page or Add to All Pages

If the footage connected to your monitor is all coming from an anamorphic source you may want to add this tool to all pages

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