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4K Monitor Rack Mount (13" and 17")

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Physical Properties

A. 1x Rack Bracket (flange)
B. 4x Undercut Flat Head Machine Screw (1/4"-20 x 3/8")

Assembled View


  • Monitor not included.
  • Before Installing your Rack Mount please remove your handle and feets from the monitor.
  • If you currently have the combo Cheese Sticks attached to the sides of the monitor (the ones with the bump), move these to the top of your monitor. 


1. Ensure that the flat ΒΌ"-20-only Cheese Sticks are on both sides of the monitor.

2. Insert monitor into Rack Bracket from the rear.

3. Attach the four screws (included) through the Rack Bracket into the Cheese Sticks on your monitor with a Phillips screwdriver. 

4. Attach the Rack Bracket to your rack system with the mounting screws that came with your rack system (these are not included, since they vary by manufacturer).

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