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Displays a small information bar containing metadata information being sent over HDMI or SDI such as timecode and tally flags. Useful for ensuring the camera is recording without having to take your eyes off the monitor.

Not all cameras support outputting metadata over HDMI or SDI. Some cameras may not have metadata enabled by default. Please refer to your camera's user manual for information on supported metadata and how to enable this feature.

Metadata - Settings

Access Metadata settings by pressing to the right when the tool is highlighted.


Toggles Metadata Off/On.  You can also do this on the tool bar. Select the tool and activate or deactivate it as desired. Green tools are active, they are Grey when inactive.


Enables display of the camera’s timecode being sent over HDMI or SDI.  This will appear in a small black box in the location selected.


Enables display of the camera’s record flag being sent over HDMI or SDI. This displays as a red rectangle around the edge of the monitor frame.


Arrange the SDI Metadata on-screen using various pre-set locations to make way for other tools or the image itself.

You have 6 locations:

TOP - Left, Center, Right
BOTTOM - Left, Cetner, Right


Set the transparency/opacity of the Metadata.

Metadata - Quick Start

Let's add Metadata to a page.

From any page displaying an SDI signal, click the joystick or tap the screen and select Add New Tool > Overlay > Metadata.

By default timecode and record tally are enabled, meaning you will be able to view your camera's specific timecode value and an indicator if the camera is currently recording.

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