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Action 5 Quick Start Guide

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Less is more with the Action 5 monitor, our newest HDMI monitor that features a streamlined 5" touchscreen and lightweight build. At just over 0.5 lbs, Action 5 is designed for your on-the-go shoots, never weighing you or your camera down.  Action 5 features 2000 nits of brightness, which allow for easy outdoor visibility, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, Rec. 709 color gamut, and multiple mounting points. The Action 5 has an HDMI 2.0 input and output and a combination battery plate that supports both Sony L-series and Canon LP-E6 batteries.  This intuitive monitor is powered by ActionOS, a simplified version of our professional-level PageOS software toolset that gives you the necessary tools for out-of-the-box usability. The ActionOS toolset is designed to be mastered in under 60 seconds. Using the touchscreen, you can easily select, adjust, and toggle between the monitor’s most crucial tools, including Focus Assist, Expose Tool, and Look Tool.


The unit ships with a non-impact screen protector installed. (It will help protect from scratches.)


To activate your monitor's warranty, please go to You will need the serial number, which is located on the sticker where the battery goes (you may need to remove your battery to see it). You will also want to have a copy of your invoice from your purchase to confirm the purchase date.



In the Settings menu you can quickly change the attributes & characteristics of each of your tools.

For example, you can change which frame lines show up when you enable the Frame tool on your main screen.


To help compose your shot with potential cropping considerations in mind, the Frame tool allows you to customize your frame guide according to specific aspect ratios.


The Focus tool analyzes the video and accentuates areas of the image that are currently in-focus in order to easily gauge where adjustments need to be made at a glance. The Focus Tool’s outline intensity  threshold can be set to Low, Mid, or High, and the outline color can be changed by selecting one of four colors. 


The Expose tool helps you understand which parts of the image are too dark or bright, ‘painting’ the image based on its luminance with a ‘False Color’ effect.  False Color is used to establish the correct exposure by using an IRE color guide for reference. As the camera aperture is adjusted, elements of the image will change color based on the luminance or brightness values. 



Visit to download the latest firmware to a USB drive formatted to FAT16 or FAT32. Insert the USB drive, then go to Page 3 of the Systems menu, tap Load from USB, and select the firmware file.


My Menu is upside down.

if you mount the monitor in an inverted position, you can rotate the incoming image (using Image Flip on page 2 of the Settings Menu).

Be sure to download the latest firmware.  Version 0.7 allows for menu control to also be rotated.

The Fan is too loud.

There are fan controls in the Settings Menu, page 1.  
There are four settings:
IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED TO KEEP THE FAN OFF FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME. THIS COULD DAMAGE YOUR MONITOR AND WOULD NOT BE COVERED AS A WARRANTY DEFECT.  Use sparingly at your own risk [during the shot]. Between takes, turn the monitor off or the fan back on to help protect your monitor.

Where is the battery Indicator?

You will need to update to firmware version 0.7 or later.

The Monitor is getting hot or discolored.

Turn on the fan to High or power off the monitor and allow it to cool.

Why isn't my video showing, I cant see my camera?

Be sure your camera is set to be outputting video. (This will vary by camera brand)
The accepted resolutions are 1920x1080 60p or less.
Check that you are using the HDMI Input port.
Try using a different cable and or a different camera/video source.

Also, be sure to update your firmware to the latest version.

Why does my unit seem to power sometimes and not others?

Be sure to hold the Power button down for a solid 5 seconds.
The monitor takes another 5 seconds to boot.
Power down is also a 5-second hold of the power button.
You also might try changing your power source: a different Battery or AC option.

How do I update my firmware?

Be sure to download the latest firmware file.  Be sure the file has not been renamed or had things like -1 added to the end.  It should be a .bin file.

You will want to use the Thumb drive that was provided at the time of purchase, but if you dont have it, you will want to use one that is formatted FAT16 or FAT32.  

Insert the thumb drive.

Go to Page 3 of the systems menu and select the firmware file from the Thumbdrive.  If the system can't see the drive, you will get an error message saying the system needs a properly formatted thumb drive.


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