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Network Settings

Configure the monitor's network interface and encryption option to enable certain features.


Tap the Edit tab to open the Ethernet settings.

  • Automatic (DHCP): When set to DHCP, the monitor requests an IP address and configuration from the network’s DHCP server.
  • Manual (Static): When set to Static, you must manually configure the IP address, subnet mask, router, and DNS server to connect to the network.

Firmware Settings

Update system firmware or reset to factory defaults.

How to Update the Firmware

1. Attach a compatible SD card to your computer or a card reader attached to your computer.


  • Your SD card must be 16 GB or smaller
  • Formatted as FAT or FAT32 for Windows, MS-DOS (FAT)  for macOS (if partitioned, select the MBR Master Boot Record option under Scheme)

2. Visit and download the latest firmware.

3. Click the .zip download file to extract the .bin (firmware file), then drag and drop the .bin file onto your SD card.
4. Remove SD Card, insert it into your SmallHD monitor, then turn on the monitor.
5. Swipe/toggle left, or tap the screen to access the monitor’s Settings Menu.

6. Scroll down and tap the FIRMWARE tab.
7. Tap the available firmware.

8. Tap the START UPDATE tab to begin the update process.

9. Once the firmware is installed, you will be prompted to reboot your monitor. Hold the power button for at least 5 seconds, then release it.

10. Press the power button again to begin operating your SmallHD monitor with the new firmware installed.

CAUTION: Make sure you do not lose power during firmware update

Factory Reset Settings

Reset the monitor’s pages & settings to the factory's default settings.

Execute Factory Reset

Select this option to reset the monitor to its factory default settings.

A default factory reset will reset all settings in the menus and pages data.  It will keep the firmware, calibration, file and registration information. You can reset these also if you select the appropriate box.

Factory Reset is useful when swapping between different users or when encountering issues that may be a result of fiddling around with unfamiliar settings of if there has been a lot of issues.  Reloading the firmware, or updating to the lasted stable version are also ways to troubleshoot issues. ;-)


Install Camera Control license keys from SmallHD to unlock additional features. Before you proceed, you must first purchase and install a Camera Control license for your camera from

1. Go to

2. Enter the Activation Code you received with the purchase of your SmallHD Camera Control software in the Activate Camera Control section, then click Go (see below).

3. From the Settings menu on your SmallHD monitor, navigate to SYSTEM > LICENSES > ADD A LICENSE. In the upper right-hand corner, you will see your Monitor Token (see image).

4. Return to the activation website and enter your Monitor Token. You will be prompted to make sure the token is entered correctly. Click Yes to continue.
5. Enter your monitor’s Serial Number in the field that appears and click Submit. Your monitor’s serial is located alongside a barcode on the input/output port area or on the battery plate.
6. Enter your name and the email where you want to receive your License Key. Click Send to receive your License Key.
7. On the ADD A LICENSE page on your SmallHD monitor, enter your License Key and tap Activate (see image).

8. Once activated, Camera Control licenses will be listed in the Licenses page.

System Info

Review the following information about your SmallHD monitor:

  • Firmware version
  • Serial Number
  • Uptime

NOTE: SmallHD includes a panel burn-in process to ensure the monitor meets the standards of quality all our customers expect. You may notice a running time between 3000-7500 minutes on the monitor. This is part of the normal burn-in period.

  • If your monitor does not show any uptime out of the box, this unit may not require the typical burn-in process and would be reset after quality testing.
  • On some monitors, the average time for quality testing should be between 3000-7500 minutes of operation from the factory.
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