Audio Meters

Monitor up to 8 channels of audio with a built-in clip warning.

Audio Meters - Quick Start

In this section we will add Audio Meters to a page so we can keep an eye on levels.

From any page with a feed, click the joystick or tap the screen to bring up ‘Add New Tool’ and navigate to Overlay > Audio Meters  and select to add it to the current page.

This may be all you need at this point, but let's increase the size of the meter for better viewability.

When 'Audio Meters' is highlighted, press the joystick right or tap the right arrow to edit its settings.

Select 'Size' and bring it up to 100 for a full-width audio meter.

You can also increase the amount of channels being displayed if your production requires it.

If you don't wish to have Audio Meters covering your image, you can scale the image to make room with Size & Position.

Audio Meters - Settings

Access Audio Meters tool settings by navigating right or pressing the right arrow when Audio Meters is highlighted in the tool list.


Toggles the Audio Meters Off/On


Adjust the size of the Audio Meters to make way for other tools or for better visibility when viewing from a distance.


Adjust the amount of audio channels you wish to monitor (up to 8).


Arrange the Audio Meters on-screen using various pre-set locations to make way for other tools or the image itself.


Set the transparency/opacity of the Audio Meters.