How to calibrate your monitor

*Please be aware that the SmallHD branded i1 Xrite probe has been discontinued.  (2019)

The probe will work on some of our older products for the "Auto Calibration Function". The unit must have a USB port and be within the specs that the Probe will function with.
The Probe can be used with an intermediary (computer) as long as the Panel is below 1000 nit and is not  recommended for OLED or HDR.

*You should calibrate your monitor at your own risk.
**The probe does NOT work will ALL SmallHD Products.
The Probe can work with the following models:
501, 502, 502 Bright (90%), 702 (90%), FOCUS, FOCUS 7 (90%), 1303 Studio, 1703 Studio/ P3/ P3X, 2403 Studio