Red camera control is available as a license on Cine 7 monitors and is compatible with cameras that have a DSMC2 Brain. A specific USB cable must be purchased as well to allow the monitor to communicate with the camera. The license and cable are available bundled directly from SmallHD or authorized resellers.

Activating Your License

Your license kit comes with a card that has your activation code as a special link in a QR code. Scan this link with your smartphone or enter it on a computer to go to the activation webpage.

On your monitor, go to Settings and scroll down to System > Licenses. Tap the button to add a new license.

Your monitor will display a token. Enter this token on the activation webpage. The webpage will then display your activation key to enter on the monitor. Once entered your monitor will add a Camera Control page where you can control your camera.

Connecting Your Camera

Connect your USB cable to the port on the back of your Cine 7, below the battery plate. Tighten the locking connector into the adjacent screw for security. Connect the other end of the cable to your camera.

You will need to enable serial communication on your camera prior to connecting the monitor. Try Menu > Settings > Setup > Communication > Serial and choose Red Command Protocol

Once all physical connections are made, go to your monitor's camera control page. If you have more than one camera control license, choose the Red license, then click the Connect button.

Your monitor will remain connected to the camera even if the camera enters sleep mode. Turning the monitor off will require you to re-connect to the camera. If you need to connect to a different camera, you will need to turn the monitor off and then on again.


Supported control will depend on your version of RED camera.  Certain cameras have features others do not.  You should have control over all aspects available minus the ones listed below.

This is a list of the features NOT currently available: (3.6.1)
Configuring User Buttons
Custom Profiles (User Presets)
Color Matrix


"Check cable Connection" - If you are getting this error and have followed the above steps, be sure to check all 3 connection points (monitor to adapter, adapter to cable, cable to camera).
You can remove the USB adapter, click connect and then re-plug in the USB adapter to the monitor. Sometimes this does not seat quite right the first time.

The 4 pin lemo cable can be checked with a Volt meter to be sure the connections are good.  It's a 1:1 pin configuration.

To check the Micro USB port, you can get a Micro USB to SD card reader and plug in your SmallHD (or 2,4,8,16 GB) SD card and see if the monitor can see it, if not, then there is an issue with the port. [Or thumb drive]

*Monitoring Audio Levels:
You will have a couple options.  To use any tools, you can set them up on the the next page and swipe between the two.

You can also use the RED overlay sent down the SDI:
RED Menus > Monitoring > HD-SDI > Auto-Hide Menus Option
The drawback of this method is it reduces your screen real estate and the actual image from the camera a bit.