Safe (guides)

Provides a simple line border near edges of the frame as a friendly reminder to keep important elements in-frame to account for 'overscan'- traditionally SD TVs would crop out part of the frame to fit various aspect ratios/resolutions being sent to it and sadly this practice still often takes place on modern TVs as a relic of the analog past.

Safe (guides) - Quick Start

Let's apply Safe guides to a page to help judge where to keep titles and action

From any page, click the joystick or tap the screen to bring up ‘Add New Tool’.

Navigate to Frame > Safe and select to add it to the current page.

Odds are the default setup is all you will need but you can edit the settings by navigating right when ‘Safe’ is highlighted.

//Gif: Safe > Edit

Let's change the aspect ratio to 4:3 so we can visualize how an old TV would crop our image.

//Gif: Aspect format: 16:9 to 4:3

If the guides are not visible in your viewing environment you can edit the Color and Opacity for better viewability.

//Gif: Changing color and opacity of safe guides

Safe (guides) - Settings


Enable/Disables Safe guides.


Adjusts the aspect ratio of the safe guides; set this to what you consider the 'least common denominator', i.e. if you have to make a 16x9 AND a 4x3 deliverable, use the 4x3 guide to account for the 'worst case'.


Choose the line color of the guides for easier viewability depending on your shot.


Adjust the transparency/visibility of the guide lines, best practice is typically to go with 'visible but not distracting'.


Enables/disables the Action safe (outside) border.


Enables/disables the Title safe (inside) border.