Applicable to both tutorials: first connect Ethernet (RJ45) to the monitor and the LEMO cable (for Alexa Mini / Mini LF) to the camera on the port labeled ‘ETH’ - for the Amira use a standard RJ45 to RJ45 cable.



Access the MENU on your ARRI camera & navigate to ‘System’.
Navigate to ‘Camera access protocol (CAP)’.
Ensure ‘CAP server enabled’ is checked  - this is what will allow communication with the ARRI camera.
If the default password ‘arri’ has been altered, you can locate or modify the password here.
Press ‘BACK’ on the camera and navigate to ‘Network / WiFi’.
Ensure LAN IP mode set to ‘Static’.
Lastly make sure the IP Address field to the left matches the ‘LAN static IP’ field from the camera, then press Connect.



Known:  If Wifi password has changed from its default and the password is not known, an EVF will be required to control the camera (as far as I know) to reset the camera’s factory defaults (which this guide is based on).

Turn on camera
On a computer, connect the wifi network the camera has created:  “MINI-XXXXX” (5 digit number is the serial # of the camera) with the default password “arriarri”
On a web browser go to http://mini-XXXXX.local  (replace XXXXX with the same serial number as seen in the previous step)
Once connected click ‘Menu’ on the left
Navigate to System > Camera Access Protocol (CAP) > and check “CAP SERVER ENABLED”
For a clean feed, navigate to Monitoring > SDI > SDI 1 Image (or SDI 2 Image) > “Clean”
Connect lemo>ethernet cable from the ‘ETH’ port on the Alexa to the ethernet port on the monitor
Go the Arri control page and connect to the camera from the monitor


*Be sure your SmallHD Firmware is 3.6.4 or later to use the MINI LF Control.


If you are on firmware 3.5.2 or below and your monitor is failing to connect to the camera's IP address, you may need to adjust what you type for the IP address. Please eliminate any leading zeros in the IP address. For example, your camera may show an IP address of On your monitor you will need to type Firmware 3.6.0 fixes this issue.

If you suspect the Ethernet to 10-pin LEMO cable might not be working you can connect the cable to the Ethernet port on your computer and try connecting to the camera's web control interface.

The next step assumes you have some familiarity with computer networking. If you do not, ask a friend or colleague who does for assistance.

If you suspect the Ethernet interface for the monitor is not working, you can connect the monitor using a standard Ethernet cable to a router. You should be able to locate the monitor's IP address in the router's DHCP table and you can try to ping the monitor at that IP address.


ARRI camera control is limited by the manufacturer to the following features:

Playback control
Set & read TC
Set & read Project Rate
Read & set system date/time
Read Clip List from medium
Camera Type
Camera Serial
Camera State
Look Filename
Color Temperature
Tint Variable
Exposure Index
Sensor FPS List
Sensor FPS
Shutter Angle List
Shutter Angle
Exposure Time List
Exposure Time
Exposure Index List
ND Filter List
ND Filter
White Balance List
Media Status
Recording Mode
Clip Scene
Clip Take
Medium Type
Model Name
Serial Number
Clip Count
Current Reel
Medium Size
Medium Status
Write Protection
Clip Count
Current Reel
Free Capacity
Clip Filename
Clip Project Rate
Clip Start TC
Clip Duration TC