Settings related to monitor personalization.

Power Settings

This section is for controlling user-definable power options.

Auto Recover

Automatically turns the monitor back on after a power loss.

Date & Time

Use this menu to adjust the current date & time - this will keep you organized when taking screen captures by using a date in the file name.


Sets the month/day/year.


Sets the current time.

24H Display

Displays the clock in a 00:00 to 24:00 format, known commonly as 'military time' which makes 12am and 12pm slightly less confusing.

Profiles [Settings]

Save and load profiles between monitors to keep your monitor’s configuration consistent on set or between sets.

Save Profile to Storage

Saves all pages, tools and settings currently applied to the monitor to an SD card for easy consistency between.

Load Profile from Storage

Load a saved profile from internal memory or SD card to keep from having to reconfigure all your settings, pages and tools if moving from monitor to monitor.