SmallHD User Guide

4K Monitor Dual Battery Plate

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Physical Properties

A. Safety Stop
C. Battery Plate Power Port
B. Dovetail Mounting Rail D. Thumb Screw


1. Remove the monitor’s Battery Power Port Plug.
2. Press the safety stop down on the monitor’s Dovetail Mounting Rail.

3. While pressing down on the safety stop, slide the Dual Battery Plate on the Dovetail Mounting Rail to the bottom until you hear a click. 

4. Use the thumb screw to tighten the battery plate to the rail to avoid battery plate movement.
5. Attach a compatible Gold Mount/V-Mount battery to the battery plate.

NOTE: The 4K Dual Battery Plate supports 14v-26v batteries, so you can use one or two batteries and they are hot-swappable.

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